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Welldone Shyam you are a great embassador for the game.
- Dr M. Nyoka (President of Cricket SA)
Absolutely fantastic ! Great reward for a very passionate cricket embassador
- Haroon Lorgat (CEO of the ICC)
This man Shyam has a greate passion for our game "welldone"
- Sir Clive Hubert Lloyd (West Indies Captain )
Hope to come back again.
- Kapil Dev (India Captain )
Great collection. Keep up the good work.
- Aravinda de Silva (Sri Lanka Captain )
If I had a place like this I would sleep in it.(Fantastic)
- Allan Donald (South Africa Captain )
One of the best cricket museum I have seen today. Its a hard work with Shyam Bhatia has done.
- Zaheer Abbas (Pakistan Captain )
Congratulations on a fantastic tribute to cricket. This museum will inspire many childrean to take up. This great game. Amazing, Awesome,Mind blowing
- Steve Waugh (Australia Captain )
Amazing, Awesome, Mindboggling, Fantabulous, Brilliant, Cracking, Delightful, Excellent, Grand, Heroic, Impirational, Foyous, Kellidoscopic, Lovely, Wonderful, Zepped , Non-Comparable (That covers all the letter of the alphabets Shyam)
- Sunil Manohar Gavaskar (India Captain )
Fantastic. Proves what a man's conviction and passion can create. Keep it up Shyam Bhatia.
- Atul Wassan (India)
Very Impressive!!!
- Imran R Khan (Pakistan)
Great Place of work, It’s a wonderful concept from cricket loving, children's god father Shyam Bhatia. It's great example for all cricketing administration and players to show the value of the game.
- Nishantha Ranatunga (Sri Lanka)
The history recorded in all the various formats will be of huge benefit to cricket for the years to come!Well Done!
- Jimmy Adams (West Indies)
Absolutely stunning. One is at a lost for words when you’re here. You realise your fame and power in the cricketing fertinity.
- Ravi Shastri (India)
Congratulations on a magnificent museum. A tribute to cricketing greats.
- Matthew Hoggard (England)
This is best cricket museum I have ever been to, good luck with it.
- Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
Just had a glimpse of your collection, no words to express right now - will visit again in greater details to further appreciate your invaluable noble efforts. Looking forward to an early visit - Many congratulations - and all the very best.
- Sayed Kirmani (India)
Well done on this facility to celebrate the wonderful game of cricket. To see pictorial tributes of the greatest people of the game and relive some of the memories is very special. All we need to do now is celebrate the contribution of the 3rd team in the match (the umpires!) and what they have given to the game. May the spirit of the game live on in this museum and be enjoyed by generations to come.
- Simon Taufel (Australia)
Fantastic collection of memorabilia. Easily one of the best I have seen. Great work.
- T A Sekar (India)
Such a joy to be invited to a cricketing shrive . Some great movements, artifacts and great players. Shows your joy and love for the game in this room. Brilliant.
- Ramiz Raja (Pakistan)
Its an honour & privilige to witness so much of cricket's history in one place. From bats, to book, from pictures to autographed memorabilia, this museum has everything & more. I congratulate Mr Bhatia for doing a wonderful service to this beautiful game of cricket. may the museum become bigger.
- Aakash Chopra (India)
Fantastic Shyam bhai ! Very impressive collection of memorabilia. Its indeed an inspiration. Hats off to your passion.
- Anil Kumble (India)
Amazing cricket with special passion of Mr Bhatia. Will be a definite visit when in Dubai, Every cricketer needs to be seeing this place of the story of our game.
- Ian Trott (England)
Exellent museum the best I have seen, Shyam Bhai's collection is unique & his love for the game is praise worthy.
- Chandu Borde (India)
Shyam - this museum is spectacular! Thank you for the invite.
- Gary Kirsten (South Africa)
Your contribution to this wonderful game is unparalled. God bless you.
- Hashim M Amla (South Africa)
I am really proud and happy to be here . Just so happy to see people do love the game so so much.
- Saeed Ajmal (Pakistan)
If I am needed for any help I am available. I just simply love all this collection.
- Umar Akmal (Pakistan)
I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to visit such a comprehensive cricket museum. The passion and love that is visible is touching. It takes a special person with a very generous heart to do this. Thank you and all the best.
- Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)
Dear Shyam, This is the best I have ever seen in the world cricket. Wonderful collection and you have the best cricketers of the world.
- Kiran More (India)
Wonderful memories, wonderful museum. Amazing collection. Thank you.
- Chris Broad (England)
Always a pleasure to visit your museum(cricket). Every time I visit I really get thrilled.
- G.R.Vishwanath
Dear Shyam. No words can do justice to the way you have so patiently & passionately recreated and cherished this beautiful game. We all love so much. Many thanks.
- Jonty Rhodes (South Africa)
Once again a fantastic experience. Thanks so much for the invite and your passion and enthusiasm for the game. Best wishes.
- Gary Kirsten (South Africa)